Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Herman Dooyeweerd

: Available English-Language Writings Online

1928 Nature and Grace in the Calvinistic Law-Idea

1935-36 excerpts from Philosophy of the Law-Idea
Vol.I: Foreword, Introduction, Ground-Idea, Foundation, Law-Idea, Prism of Cosmic Time, Law and Subject, Philosophy/Worldview;
Vol.II: The Gegenstand, Dis-stasis/ Synthesis, Intuition and Time, Conceptual Limits, Horizon and Levels, God, Self and Cosmos

1937-38 Responses to the University Trustees

1940 Time in the Philosophy of the Law-Idea

1942 Thirty-Two Propositions on Anthropology
[another version] The Theory of Man (pdf)

1943-46 The Idea of the Individuality Structure and the Thomistic Concept of Substance

1945-50 excerpts from Reformation and Scholasticism in Philosophy
Preface (pdf), Introduction, Chapter 1 pages 1-40 (pdf), Part 2, Intro section 1, pages 127-134, Part 2, Chapter 3 pages 237-262 (pdf), from Vol.II, from Vol.III

1946 Encyclopedia of Legal Science
[1967 excerpts from Introduction, Vol.I pages 11-48 (pdf), Vol.I pages 85-121 (pdf), Vol.III, Revised Intro]

1946 The Relation of the Individual and Community (pdf)

1947 Introduction to a Transcendental Criticism of Philosophic Thought
[also] Intro to Transc.Crit., * (pdf)

1948 Transcendental Problems of Philosophic Thought

1950 The Concept of Sovereignty (pdf)
Cf. Study Guide for Christian Idea of the State

c. 1950 excerpts from Essays in Legal, Social, and Political Philosophy
Cf. Study Guide for Christian Theory of Social Institutions

1953-58 A New Critique of Theoretical Thought
Vol.s I - II (large pdf), Vol.s III - IV (large pdf)
[excerpts from Vol.1, Vol.2, Vol.3]
Cf. Study Guide for New Critique

1953 The Secularization of Science
[also] Sec.of Sci. (pdf)

1954 The Analogical Concepts (pdf)

1958 The Criteria of Progressive and Reactionary Tendencies in Histrory (pdf)
[excerpts from Christian Philosophy and the Meaning of History]

1959 Roots of Western Culture
[excerpts from Various, Preface and Introduction (pdf), Chapter 3 pages 63-68 (pdf), Chapter 5 pages 111-119 (pdf), Chapter 7 pages 175-187 (pdf)]
____+ 1970 Reconstruction & Reformation (pdf)
____+ The entire 1979 (abridged) edition (pdf)
Cf. Study Guide for Roots of Western Culture

1959 Creation and Evolution (pdf)

1960 What Is Man? (pdf)

1960 excerpt from In the Twilight of Western Thought
Cf. Study Guide for Twilight of Western Thought

1964 ACP Lecture and Discussion

1972 Sociology of Law and Its Philosophical Foundations (pdf)

1974 The Verbrugge Interview [with mp3s]

1975 The Epistemological Gegenstand-Relation and the Logical Subject-Object-Relation [Dooyeweerd's last article]

1975 The Boeles Interview [Dooyeweerd's last interview]

* see also the 20 yr.old Dooyeweerd's 1914-1915 student paper Neo-Mysticism and Frederik van Eeden

Hopefully, this bibliography of Herman Dooyeweerd's writings that are online in English will continue to grow. If you know of anything I have missed, please comment below.